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Premium Quality Branded Products

Our portfolio of products include some the world's most popular brands.  From our best in class value lines to our premium front cabin components & everything in between.  McGuire & Associates has something for your Inflight foodservice & retail needs.   

Innovative Products & Packaging Solutions

Whether you are looking for a shelf stable cookie or a fresh avocado slice flash frozen at the the peak of ripeness, McGuire & Associates can find the right product for you.  Our understanding of the industry's operational requirements will help you make the right choice.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

We have the capabilities to assist as needed.  McGuire & Associates can help coordinate ground transportation & delivery of your product orders. From product forecasting, production scheduling and manufacturing, pre- carriage ocean freight & container management post landing.   



Having product to supply is one thing, but getting it there as ordered and on time can be a challenge. We have a dedicated customer service team that coordinates with our distributors and vendors to ensure on time deliveries of product.  Each member is trained to manage transportation & logistics.  

We have the ability of working with caterers, commissaries and specialty channel distributors. Our approach is comprehensive and goes deep into the supply chain including inventory management, shipping, warehousing, and forecasting.



At McGuire & Associates, we are committed to improving our clients' foodservice operation, while serving as an extension of their capital brand.

Contact us for exceptional service and support.

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